If I wanted audio books I would ask for them!

I was on Amazon last night, checking out my recommendations. As usual it was books I was looking for to add to my ever growing list of ones I want to read. So where it says “narrow by category” at the side I selected “books”. So far, so good. But browsing through my recommended books I noticed something… I kept spotting recommendations for audio books. Err, what?? Those aren’t books! They’re tapes. Or possibly CDs. But definitely not books. I don’t care if it has the word book in it. Books are for reading. Or at least looking at the pictures in. They’re made of paper, or cardboard, or occasionally that weird plasticky-rubber stuff (for babies to take in the bath). Audio books aren’t books… they’re just recorded stories! So, back on the Amazon page, I looked to the left where you can narrow your search down even further and saw this:

Antiquarian, Rare & Collectable

Art, Architecture & Photography

Audio CDs

Audio Cassettes

See, CDs and cassettes! I told you they weren’t books! Put them under the CDs section for goodness sake. Or give them their own section. Just get them off my recommended books page!

Other than that I’m quite impressed with my recommendations. There are quite a lot on there that I actually would like to read. And lots of children’s books, most of which I actually remember from my childhood and now really, really want to have again (I lost a lot of books over the years… moving around a lot will do that to you). There was one book title that had me slightly concerned though. “The Butcher, the Baker, The Candlestick Maker: An Erotic Memoir by Suzanne Portnoy ”. An erotic memoir? What on earth have a been doing to be recommended that??

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