That Wednesday feeling…

Jan stayed over last night, which was nice. Since he moved into his own flat I miss him. (For the record I live in a student residence – he used to live here too. It’s not like he moved out of our shared place or anything). As usual I got up before him today. I went for my shower and he snuggled up under the quilt and went back to sleep for 15 minutes. Lucky! Once I came back from the shower he managed to drag himself into a sitting position then sat there and moaned, so I asked what was the matter. His response: Just tired. Me: “I’m tried too, but I’m not sitting on the edge of the bed moaning.” Jan: “Well maybe I’m more tired than you?” How does that work when he was the one that kept waking me up last night grinding his teeth? Hmph! Later, when we were having breakfast, he came up woth the theory that grinding his teeth must mean he had a bad night, and that’s why he’s more tired. Becasue I only got woken up by him occasionally, whereas he slept badly all night. I told him if that was the case he would be really tired all the time. I asked him if he is tired all the time and he had to admit that no, he’s not actually. So much for that theory.

Of course, the real reason that we’re both tired is becasue it’s Wednesday. We’ve worked hard for 2 whole days and now we need a break. I don’t know about you, but where I work everyone is knackered by Wednesday morning. So my friend and I came up with a theory. Instead of all this workin week followed by weekend off lark we should work Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday off to recover, work Thursday, Friday than have the weekend off as usual. It would be great. Obviously people would be much more productive and make less mistakes on Thursday and Friday after having a nice lie in on Wednesday. That would make employers happy. And the employees would be happy because they’d have an extra day for getting things done at home. It’s brilliant! Unfortunately I can’t see the bosses going for it…


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