Are only boring people easily bored?

I’ve noticed recently that I seem to be getting bored at work a lot more easily than I used to. Nothing to do with the job. Finally I’ve found something that I not only enjoy, but am actually good at. OK, when I’m proofreading a text that’s so badly translated it barely even makes sense or translating my third instruction manual that day it gets a bit frustrating, but most of the time I love translating. I think part of the problem is that this week has been pretty slow. Yesterday I was translating things that didn’t have to be sent back until this afternoon. There’s never usually enough time to get things done earlier. Also, I think the fact that I’m leaving soon is having an effect. My internship finishes at the end of July, I’ve been told there is no permanent job for me and I think because of that part of me tends to think “why am I working so hard, doing this long, complicated translation for a company that only wants me for the cheap labour?”. I really, really want to stay. My colleagues here in Karlsruhe want me to stay, but the boss doesn’t want me. Because interns are cheaper.

So all this being bored reminded me of something that adults would always say to my friends and I when we were younger. “Only boring people get bored.” Now, I will admit, to many people I’m probably a boring person. I spend my days at work, my evenings reading or messing around on the computer and my weekends with my boyfriend. But I really don’t think being boring is the reason I get bored. Surely boring people don’t get bored, because they’re perfectly happy doing the same old thing day in, day out. To me, someone who spends all day sitting in front of the TV with a play station controller glued to their hand, only stopping to eat and pee, is boring. I very much doubt they are bored though. So who does get bored then, if not boring people? And what is it that makes us feel “bored”? Anyone out there have a theory?

3 thoughts on “Are only boring people easily bored?

  1. hi, well i wonder too… im getting bored so much easier lately, and im only 21. when i feel i cant take it anymore, i pack up and travel a lot. a change in scenery helps sometimes. but what scares me most is that i get bored with people…

  2. Travel is always good against boredom. I’m almost never bored on holiday. 🙂 It’s just a shame it’s not always possible to get away.

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