Yawning at the phone

Today I’ve mostly been yawning and rubbing my eyes, a bit like an over-tired toddler. I’ve also spent a lot of time staring at my phone willing it to ring. It seems that not only do watched pots never boil, but watched phones don’t ring either. The woman never did phone me about that job. As it’s now quarter to 7 I’m assuming she’s now not going to ring. Rather annoying really. *sigh*

In between being yawny and watching the phone I actually managed to get some work done. This morning I did a translation about leather. All different kinds of leather. Half of them were going on about how they the products were dyed with special dye then washed for that “worn look”. This is something I’v never understood. Why would you pay a fortune for something that looks like it’s already been worn? It makes no sense! Just like those jeans that have rips already in them. Supposedly it’s “fashionable”. Personally I think it looks stupid.

I’m currently waiting for Jan to call me (ha! More waiting for the phone to ring!) He actually phoned about half an hour ago, but I was buying milk in Aldi and I had to hang up in him so I could pay. I told him to ring back in 5 minutes, but he hasn’t yet. He was offering to get some shopping, which is good. I do have some food in but nothing spectacular, so hopefully he’ll buy something nice for tea. I would have done it myself but I only had 1 euro 50 in my purse. I doubt even the Ready, Steady Cook team could make a decent meal out of what I could buy with that.

I’m off to make a cup of tea now. I need the caffeine! Coffee would probably be better but I don’t have any of that.

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