So many books…

I was looking through my Amazon recommendations again today trying to find some more books to add to my list. I seem to have written most of them down now though – really I need to stop listing and get reading, but until I’m earning a proper wage that’s impossible. So for now I’ll just keep writing of my list and dreaming of the day I can order something new to read.
For now I wanted to ask if you could recommend one book that everyone should read before they die what would it be? And why? Answers in my comments please. If I like the sound of what you suggest I may even add it to my list…


5 thoughts on “So many books…

  1. Thanks for that. I’ve just read your review and The Gargoyle sounds amazing. It comes out just before my birthday, so I now know what gift I want this year ๐Ÿ˜€

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