Everyone must have a talent…

They say everyone has a talent. An inborn ability. Something we are naturally good at. Growing up, I always wondered what mine was. I don’t have any of the obvious ones. I can’t draw or paint. I’m about as musical as a dead fish. I’m no good at sport. At school my grades were pretty good, but never excellent. For years I wanted to be a writer. As a child I would write stories. They were always ridiculously detailed with millions of characters but at the time I thought they were brilliant. Reading them now makes me laugh. It’s the same with my poetry. I’ve written maybe 3 poems in my life that I still think are good. But now, after almost 25 years of searching, I’ve finally found something I can do. Translation! I’m good at it, I know I am, and so far my grades seem to be confirming it. The only question now is does translation count as a talent? Oh who cares, I think it does and in my world that’s all that matters 🙂

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