Squirrels in summer

I saw a squirrel this morning as I was leaving for work. I was walking along the path (or rather the dirt track that people’s feet have created across the grass) when I heard a rustling in the leaves beside me. Looking down I saw the squirrel just sitting there nibbling on whatever it was he had been looking for in the grass. They really do hold it between both their paws like on pictures. If I’d had my camera I could have taken a picture, that’s how close he was. And he didn’t seem at all afraid. Fantastic! German squirrels are gorgeous, not like those horrible grey things that are the only type of squirrel most English people have ever seen. Grey squirrels are basically just rats with bigger tails, and they’re not even native to England! Why, why, why did somebody decide to import grey squirrels?? They’re not pretty, they have no use and it’s their fault we hardly have any red ones any more!
The squirrels in Germany are red, so they look shiny instead of dirty. And they have those big bushy tales that make them look so cuddly. I’ve never seen one in summer here before, which is strange really now that I think about it. I’ve never heard of an animal that hides away in summer…

Today we got three new English speaking interns at work, one in Hannover, one in Frankfurt and a South African guy in Essen. We’ve never had a South African before. Ooh, the excitement! They’re all going to be here til the end of September. I’ll be gone by then! *sniffle* I wanna staaay!

Oh, I may have found the explanation for my headache on Sunday. It seems it may not have been from the sun after all but the beginning of a cold. Yesterday I felt odd and was barely hungry. Today I have aching muscles, a sore throat and my nose won’t stop running. And worst of all I can barely speak. I’m so hoarse you’d think I’d drank a bottle of vodka and smoked a pack of 20. Not good! I need to get my voice back to normal before my interview on Thursday…


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