Cooking in the Secret Garden with Gordon Ramsay

I’m sure I’ve asked this question before but… where on Earth do Amazon get their recommendations from? I admity they’re usually pretty good at predicting what I’ll like, and in this particular case they may be right again but I’m totally confused about their reasoning.
Amazon UK says I should buy “Gordon Ramsay’s Healthy Appetite”. Fair enough. I’ve bought cook books from Amazon before, it’s not entirely out of the question that I might want one written by Gordon Ramsay. Maybe I’ll even buy it. But… underneath the recommendation there’s always a little sentence telling you why they think you might like it. Under Gordon Ramsay I spotted the words “Recommended because you rated The Secret Garden and more.” What? Why? What on Earth does a recipe book by a TV chef have to do with a children’s book about an orphaned girl who finds her way into a locked garden? As far as I can remember there’s no cooking in The Secret Garden and I’m fairly sure there are no orphans in the Gordon Ramsay book (although I suppose there may be gardens… or at least stuff that comes from the garden), so how does the fact that I enjoyed The Secret Garden lead Amazon to believe that I might want to buy a cook book? The mind boggles, or at least mine does.

I’m off to bed now. I know it’s not even 11 o’clock yet but the alternative would be falling asleep across the keyboard, which would be much less comfortable and leave me with key shaped imprints all over my face… not quite my preferred look for work.


2 thoughts on “Cooking in the Secret Garden with Gordon Ramsay

  1. The reason that this happened is that the final episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares in America was done at a resturant called The Secret Garden. Simple, but mystifying I agree. If you are not a TV person or a foodie it would be an odd recommendation.

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