Morning moan

I didn’t quite get to bed when I said I was going last night, but I was under the covers by 11:30pm (still pretty early) and fell asleep quite quickly, so why am I still tired? I feel like I could sleep for another 10 hours!

It’s a bit chilly today, or maybe it’s just me that’s cold, but as it’s chucking it down outside I think it’s fairly safe to assume it’s not just me. I hate the rain (bet I wouldn’t be saying that if I lived in Africa!) It’s cold and it’s wet and, more to the point, it makes me cold and wet. I only own one waterproof jacket. It’s thick and red and has fur around the hood. It’s a fantastic winter coat. It is not a coat that should be work any time after June, at least not until the seasons go completely crazy and we start having snow in summer and baking hot sunshine in December. I know I said it’s a bit chilly today, but it’s not that cold! I’m going to have to wear it though.

Can you tell I’m in a complainy mood this morning? It’s because I need sleep…


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