Long weekend

It’s been a very long weekend. Jan’s parents were here because on Friday he had his kind of graduation… not a graduation in the sense that we know it from England but there was a small ceremony with speeches followed by food, free beer and live music. The speech part was pretty boring but the rest was fun.

Yesterday we went to Strasbourg where we had a boat trip on the river, then today we went to the DDR museum in Pforzheim before Jan’s parents left to drive back home. Tonight I’ve been out for a meal with my colleagues. We went to Stövchen, a very student friendly restaurant/pub in Karlsruhe. I had Flammkuchen, or “tarte flambe” as they call it in Alsace, where it comes from. Very busy weekend with lots of early starts and long days. I’m now exhausted, which is why I’m keeping this blog short. It’s definitely past Bev’s bedtime…


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