Tooth trouble

It’s been years since I last went to the dentist. If I’m honest I’d have to say it’s been 8, maybe 9, years. A long time. Back then I was still in “full time education”, which meant I got to have my teeth worked on for free. These days… well, I dread to think how much it would cost.

I’m sure if a dentist looked into my mouth now he’d be horrified by what’s in there. Lots of tartar and caries no doubt (whatever they are). Every tooth probably has a hole in it. None of that bothers me though. I brush my teeth regularly and try to keep calcium in my diet, as long as nothing in my mouth hurts why should I worry. Right now though one particular tooth is worrying me. I don’t have toothache. It doesn’t hurt. But once in a while I’ll feel this weird sensation… it’s almost like an itch, but not. Whatever it is I’m sure it’s not good. But I can’t go to the dentist. Not because I’m afraid, but because I’m no longer under 18 and in full time education. These days a trip to the dentist costs money. Lots of money. Especially if you’re in Germany where everything is done by insurance and no health insurance fund, whether public or private, seems to cover stuff to do with teeth. I can’t really expect anything else in the land where you have to pay 31 euros for the pill though. (Any country where you have to pay for contraception is slightly suspect to me… uhh, that would be every country outside of the UK/Ireland then I believe?). So for now I’m brushing my teeth extra well, chewing gum like a mad woman and hoping whatever’s wrong with my tooth doesn’t get any worse. I’ve also bought some silica stuff to suck in. I read somewhere it’s supposed to do good things for the teeth by helping the calcium do it’s job properly. No idea whether it’s true, but it can’t hurt.. right?

Does anyone out there happen to know a natural method that will cause my teeth to make themselves healthy again?


2 thoughts on “Tooth trouble

  1. Unfortunately I don’t think there is one! I feel for you – my last visit to the dentist involved the nurse holding my head steady while the dentist braced his foot against the chair and used both hands to yank out two wisdom teeth. While I was conscious.

    Not that I’m trying to put you off even further…

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