So many plans

My mum called last night. She wants to come and see me at the beginning of AUgust and has asked me to book a hotel! This is the 4th time she’s said she’s coming to see me and the first time it’s got as far as flight bookage… I’d better get the hotel sorted before she has time to change her mind and decide staying in Munich with my uncle is a better idea after all (she’s actually flying to Munich with my Grandma and Aunt, then her and my brother are coming down to Karlsruhe by train to visit me for a weekend).

We also booked tickets to Hamburg last night. Yes, I’m actually going now. YAY! We’re flying there but have decided to take the train back (cos it’s cheaper). Believe it or not, it actually worked out cheaper to buy first class train tickets than second class ones. Bizarre or what? (The special deal cheap second class tickets are all sold out and a normal price second class ticket costs more than a special deal first class ticket). So that’s the weekend after next sorted. And next weekend (or this coming weekend if you prefer to look at it that way) it’s Das Fest in Karlsruhe, the biggest free (as in for no money) open air music festival in Europe. Excellent! They usually have fairly decent / biggish name bands on too. This year, for example, Katy Tunstall is there on one of the days.

So that’s the next few weeks. How did my life end up so busy?


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