After blogging just the other day about how unfair it is that all the shops are having their summer sales and I have no money to buy anything I now have to make a confession.
Today I broke down and went and bought myself something.

It’s all the fault of Tally Weijl (Pleeease don’t ask me how to pronounce that. I have no idea. My German colleagues have no idea. The shop is Swiss, their language is weird.) Like all the other shops, Tally Weijl are currently having an end-of-summer sale, a fact that I only noticed today. As far as I’m concerend Tally Weijl sales are just plain amazing. The normal prices of their clothes are ridiculous. 19 euros for a T-shirt! Who in their right mine would pay that? But their sales are another story. I’ve seen clothes in Tally Weijl for 5 euros that started off being 30. Last year I bought a skirt from there that had originally been 20 euros. It’s long. It’s blue. It has bits gold bands around it with coloured embroidery and sequins and beads. I call it my gypsy skirt, because that’s what it reminds me of. My description probably makes it sound terrible, like a lurid whirl of colours all mashed together. But it’s really, really not. It’s beautiful. It may actually be my favourite item of clothing. And I found it in Tally Wijl last year reduced to 5 euros. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Then I took it to the counter and was told it had been reduced again… to 3 euros. In English money that would be 2 euros and 10 cents. Just over 2 euros for a gorgeous skirt! See, Tally Weihl sales are amazing! So when I saw the sale signs all over their windows today I just had to go in.

Now not all of Tally Weijl’s clothes are amazing. Some are just plain weird. Others I suspect I might have liked when I was 15, but these days I’m slightly too old for them. But then they have the odd item like me amazing skirt thrown in their to make it worth my while going in. Today I bought a blue and white tie die vest top with adjustable straps and a plain reddish orange top with three quarter length sleeves that will be perfect for work. Both items cost 3 euros. I think I can justify spending six euros (a little over 4 pounds) on a present for myself. And if it means spending slightly less on food this month, so what. It’s worth it to feel as happy as I do now.

In other news, the contract for my new internship has arrived. I just have to sign it and send it back then I will officially have a new job.
Life is looking pretty good right now.


3 thoughts on “Confessing…

  1. Hey there, I did not know you had a blog! Well, I shall bookmark it. Good job you bought yourself something- sometimes we just have to spoil ourselves. Well, a little πŸ™‚
    So, you like Tally Weijl- I had (or still have?) some black jumper I like(d), they do make some nice stuff. I am a lot more into Chapati-Design(.de :), though… hehe. It’s f***ing expensive, though.

    I am feeling better, thank God. I hope you had fun at this diploma party thingy. I heard the singer had huge calves πŸ™‚

    How are you then? Feeling good about your decision? I hope so. Say hello to my wonderful brother, I would love to visit him. Maybe… August?

    Love. Frauke

  2. I haven’t had a blog for long. Just started it… ooh, last month. It gives me something to do and I need to practice my writing (so I can become a famous author *dreams*)

    Chapati-Design. Is that an actual shop or just an online one? No no, I will not go the website. Not until I get my first pay check from the new job anyway πŸ˜‰

  3. yay, let’s become famous authors πŸ™‚ I have always been wanting to write, since I was a little girl. I always did, the thing’s just…. I never finish the stories I began. I just began another one and Jermain likes it but now I did not have the time to continue…

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