The lesser of two evils

I’m currently trying to decide whether to go over my boyfriend’s place or not.
Tonight is bar night here in my student residence, and my room is right above the bar. That means very loud music, random people talking outside… just generally noisiness basically. Bar night plus headache – probably not good. So Jan suggested I go over to his place. The advantage is no bar. The disadvantage? If I decide to go over there I have to take a tram across town. Before that I have to get my stuff together for a night over there and for work tomorrow. All with a headache. He’s going to call in a minute to find out what I want to do. And I have no idea which option makes me feel less ill.
Decisions, decisions.

5 thoughts on “The lesser of two evils

  1. Tsss. Now it’s too late I guess but my advise would have been: Tell him to come over to pack your stuff together and then carry you to his place. That’s how a neanderthal man would have done it! 🙂
    So, what did you decide then, did you go there? Sometimes going somewhere helps to simply forget about the headache (what’s Ablenkung in English? Is there an expression or do you just say “for a change”?)…

  2. Uhhh distraction?? To take your mind off things? Something like that. I think I’ve been in Germany too long!

    Yes, I did go there and made him give me a massage. Hehe. My headache was gone this morning, but I’m still not sure whether going over there was what helped or whether it was the thunderstorm last night that made me finally feel better. Never mind, either way headache is all gone.

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