Greetings from Jamaica… I mean Germany

Wow, I seem to have done nothing but complain in my blogs lately. I’ve got a headaaaache, my boyfriend is lying in my bed with a hangover, the nasty people kept me awake all night… moan, moan, moan.  You wouldn’t think it, but actually I’m really happy at the moment. I’m liking the new job, I have a wonderful boyfriend who comes over late at night to look after me when I have sunstroke. Everything’s great. But none of the good stuff is worth writing about. I shall try to make an effort to be more cheerful though – I don’t want complete strangers thinking I’m a grumpy cow do I? The fact that I am is irrelevant… total strangers don’t need to know that 😉

So the weather is very odd today. It’s 27 degrees outside… and it’s raining. It’s a bit like being in some tropical country, except it’s actually Karlsruhe and it’s really not tropical at all. But if I closed my eyes and ignored all the people speaking German it would be almost like being in Jamaica. Sort of. I’m hoping the heat will stay and the rain will be blown away to somewhere else by Saturday. I’m having a picnic in the Schlosspark (castle gardens) and I would prefer not to celebrate my 25th birthday sitting in a puddle eating a soggy bread roll while water drips off my nose. It would be slightly depressing and far too much like being in England.

Wow, how much of a sterotypical Brit am I? Always talking about the weather…


More reasons to get me out of here…

I went to be at 11 o’clock last night. Nice and early. I wanted to get a good night’s sleep so I wouldn’t be too tired at work today. After all, it is only my second week. HA, like that was going to happen!
At 1am I was still awake. Why, you ask? It may have had something to do with the music that somebody, somewhere was blasting out. It seemed to be coming from one of the rooms above me, but I couldn’t tell which one. Even when I went to the toilet I could still hear it, so really it could have been coming from anywhere in the corridor above me. And it was loud. Now loud music isn’t that much of a problem for me these days. I live above the bar. Every Thursday my room is invaded by loud music. Most weeks I still manage to get to sleep after about half an hour (although last week I escaped to Jan’s with a headache). What really bothered me last night was the singing. The singing was even louder than the music. And it was terrible. It sounded like a bunch of cats being strangled. If I had had any way of knowing which room the music was coming from I would have phoned them. But since I didn’t my only option was to lie there with my eyes closed thinking of various ways to kill the cat’s choir. I finally fell asleep at about 20 past 1. The music was still on, but by that time I was so exhausted I would probably have slept through a fire alarm.

And people wonder why I want to move out of this building.