The birthday picnic worked a lot better than expected. The sun was shining when I woke up this morning, and by the time we headed to the Schlosspark it was about 23 degrees. There ended up being 10 of us. Everyone brought a little something along – cake mainly, but my friend Lisa brought a salad. And anyway, since when has lots of cake been a bad thing? I made cheese scones, which I had to mix my own self-raising flour for. Can you believe Germany, with its reputation for efficiency and order, hasn’t discovered the joys of self-raising flour yet? They turned out ok though, and ended up being a real hit – Kat has now asked me to send her the recipe for them! So I shall have to translate my copy into German later…

We managed to get rid of most of the food. Including a huge bowl of fruit salad that I was convinced would be enough to feed an entire army. Mind you, Chris ate three huge bowls of the stuff by himself. It’s amazing how much food men can shovel into themselves! I would literally explode if I even tried to keep up.

It’s 5 past 9 now and I’m feeling rather sleepy. An afternoon of sunshine and non-stop eating will do that to a girl. Jan’s gone to install some software at the French centre where he works occasionally, sorting out there computer programmes. Hopefully he won’t be long and we can have a nice relaxing evening together. The perfect end to a lovely pickernicky day.

2 thoughts on “Pickernicking

  1. Actually, I have been wondering about the self-raising flour myth for ages. Don’t know why we don’t have that. But there MUST be a reason for it since we’re in Germany here, right? Maybe there was a sign somewhere, saying “self-raising flour’s forbidden” and, as a consequence, everyone stopped using it…

    Glad you had a nice birthday. What did Jan give you?

    Have a nice day!!

  2. Hehe, indeed. Or maybe you Germans just don’t like the idea of making anything easy for yourselves. “Must… add… baking… powder. Can’t possibly use flour where it’s already in” 😉

    Jan gave me CDs. The new Kettcar album 😀 and a Sportfreunde STiller one.

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