August. Blink too often and you’ll miss it.

I have nothing to say at the moment, but I feel like now I’ve started this blog I must write something every single day. No idea why – perhaps I’m afraid an evil creature will come and get me if I don’t.

Oooh, speaking of evil creatures… I have been saved from the scary, scary moths. On Friday eveing I saw another of the creepy little bugs in my cupboard. It was just sitting there on the top shelf trying to look all innocent.. then it flew out and touched me!! Scream? I did! Jan, who was watching TV at the time, called me pathetic then told me to just go away, he would deal with it. So I did. And he did. He took everything off the top shelf of the cupboard, threw away some pudding rice and a tub of vanilla cappucinio (apparantly there were moths sitting on the cappucino. On the lid that is. No idea why – it’s not like there was any way for them to get to the powder inside). Then he washed out the cupboard, put my remaining food back in and since then I’ve been moth free. A whole 3 days now. Woo hoo!

Time is zooming away from me again. Already August is more than half over. Actually, it’s kind of a good thing that August is more than half over… I’m getting very low on money and need it to hurry up and be the end of the month… pay day! But still… how is this already the third week of my new internship? My last place of work is starting to seem almost like a distant memory. No wonder I never manage to get everything done… it seems like every time I blink I open my eyes to find that an hour’s passed.

See… it just did it again. It’s 7:45pm now and I haven’t done a single useful thing this evening! How do other people manage to hold down full time jobs and keep on top of all their housework and bring up children, all at the same time? With only one small room to keep tidy and no children to worry about I can’t even manage to keep on top of my laundry! Just more evidence that I’d be the world’s worst housewife I guess…


5 thoughts on “August. Blink too often and you’ll miss it.

  1. I enjoyed your post. I do work full time, and have children, a husband, a dog, cats, housework . . . and it’s exhausting! You’d find, though, if it were what you truly wanted, you could do it all. Sounds like you’re happy, and that’s more important than laundry. Great blog.

  2. Thanks Dandelion 🙂 Glad you enjoyed it.

    I’m sure when the time comes for me to have babies I’ll find a way to work things out. Husband will just have to do half the housework 😉

  3. So true! Apparently there’s some law in existence that says that the the amount of stuff you have to do actually expands to fill the time that you have available to do it. Really! Which is why people like you and me can find ourselves with just as little time as super-busy people like Dandelion. 🙂

  4. I feel the same- it seems like I NEVER have time. I am not even working, so what is it? I am just so happy to have six weeks of doing NOTHING (well, except for the things I want to do) lying in front of me. That is just what I need.
    Greetings to Jan by the way. Since we never call each other, tsts. Hehe, have a nice evening!

  5. lol, thanks for that Hails. I shall try to remember it next time I need an excuse for not managing to get anything done 😉

    Frauke: I’m very jealous. Not only are you going to be doing nothing for 6 weeks, but you’re going to be doing nothing in Australia. *sulk*
    Serouosly though, I hope you have a fantastic time 😀

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