Just five more minutes…

These days, my morning routine goes something like this:

6am. Beep. Beep beep. Beep beep beep.
Huh? What? Time to get up already? Nooo, it can’t be! *snooze*
6:05am. Beep. Beep beep. Beep beep beep.
Groooan. Still… too early. *snooze*
6:10am. Beep. Beep beep. Beep beep beep….

This continues until
6:25am. Beep. Beep beep. Beep beep beep.
*hit snooze* *check time* Oh, 6:25. Hmm, should really be getting up. Ohh, just 5 more minutes.

At 7:30 I usually manage to actually get up.
The are variations on this theme, of course. Some mornings I manage to drag myself from the bed at 6:20. Those are the days I actually have time to shave my legs. This morning was a 7:30 day, but then instead of going for a shower I just sat there staring into space for 5 minutes trying to summon up the energy to walk all the way to the end of the corridor.

I never used to have this miuch trouble getting up in the morning. As a teenager I was expected to get myself up for school in the morning. And I did it. Because the alternative would have been my dad waking me up before he went to work… over an hour earlier than I actually needed to get up. I even managed to get myself up for 9am lectures at uni. Most mornings at least. But now it seems no matter how early I go to bed I wake up still tired and find myself totally incapable of getting out of bed on time. Which leads me to believe it’s not my fault. Some external force is at work here which means that while I’m getting enough sleep at night it’s lacking in quality. There’s only one explanation for it. It has to be… the mattress. The crappy student residence mattress that causes me to wake up with a sore back every single Saturday.

Either that or I’m just crap at getting up for work in the morning.
I prefer to blame the mattress.


5 thoughts on “Just five more minutes…

  1. I SO know what you mean. To me, it seems like I have blinked twice and now, twenty years have passed and I am oh so grown up.
    I just don’t feel like it at all- I still am the little girl that is so helpless and does not know what to do. I am afraid I will be this girl forever. Blinkblink and, all of a sudden, I’ll be 50, 60, 80 years old- and I still won’t have a clue.

    I am so curious! I still don’t know what Jan and you sent me since I am in Marburg at the moment. I will go home on Friday (I think), so I will have to be patient… patience, what was that again? Being able to wait for something without being terribly curious? Damn it. This one’s gonna be hard.

    Keep on writing, Bev, I like to read this blog! 🙂

  2. Oh. The last comment I wrote was supposed to comment the blog entry you posted about August. Damn. Well, I will just write two more comments. This one and another one on the August post.
    So. I managed to sleep until 14:00 today. This normally does not happen to me but… I don’t know. My mattress seems to be pretty good 🙂

  3. hehe, you can write as many comments as you like. I don’t mind.. it makes me feel popular 😉

    As for patience. Well, all I have to say to that is: “Patience is a virtue, patience is a grace. And Grace is a little girl who doesn’t wash her face”.

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