Humans need naps too!

I’m very tired today. So tired, in fact, that I found myself feeling jealous of my employer’s dog this afternoon. Because she got to sleep in her little dog bed while I was proofreading an incredibly boring financial report. It would have been enough to put me asleep even if I hadn’t already been tired. Sometimes it’s soooo difficult being human!

A rather odd search appeared in my blog statistics today. Hundreds of people have found me in the past by searching google for some variation on the theme of “I am bored”, “things to do when bored” and “how to stop being bored”. However, today is the first time I’ve had someone find me by searching for “what to do when you aren’t bored”. What a strange question. Surely if you’re not bored you already have something interesting to do? Or could it be that this person wants to be bored? Perhaps they’ve had enough of being happy and interested and now want to try out boredom for a while. Just plain odd, that’s what it is. Almost as odd as the person yesterday who was searching for “Cambois Environmental Agency”. All I can say to that is Cambois has an environmental agency? And, perhaps even more importantly, why??

2 thoughts on “Humans need naps too!

  1. That reminds me of last winter when I had to get up early in the morning. I was usually tired, freezing- and outside, it was still so dark… I left my room in order to go into the bathroom and have a shower, therefore, I had to pass the living room. The first thing I normally saw, were our cats, lying on top of the shelf on a comfy blanket, sleeping. When I passed, they lifted their little heads, blinked once, blinked twice… and then their heads sunk bank on their paws and they continued sleeping.

    I could not believe it- isn’t the human being said to be “die Krone der Schöpfung”? Well… why are we stupid enough to get up at seven (in December!), when it’s still dark and cold…? Why don’t we sleep until we wake up naturally and then have a nice breakfast?
    We’re so stupid. No crown for us.

  2. Ah yes, that’s the worst. When animals just look at you as if you’re the stupidest thing they’ve ever seen then go back to dreaming about… whatever it is pets dream about.

    Hmm, according to Leo the translation of that saying is “creation’s crowning glory”, but you’re right. We definitely don’t deserve any crowns!

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