All change!

Today I was much less tired. I really think whether or not my boyfriend is here affects the quality of my sleep. Last night he stayed over and even though it was pretty late when we went to sleep I’ve managed not to spend all of today wishing I was curled up in bed.

I’m getting a new colleague on Monday. Kay, the translator who has been working part time for my employer, is being replaced by someone who is willing to work full time. (Basically she’s being fired, but in a nice way). I was only told about it today and the new person is starting after the weekend, so a bit of a whirlwind change that’s left my head spinning slightly. The new person seems nice though – she was there today to sign her contract. And the boss has assured me that none of this affects my job in the slightest. They need someone to be a full time project manager, but I was employed to translate and that’s exactly what they want me to carry on doing. He also said that up to now they’re completely satisfied with my work, which was nice. It’s always good to be appreciated šŸ™‚

Oh, I finally managed to pick up my package today. It’s been sitting there since Monday, but until now I’ve never actually managed to make it home from work in time. It was from my old employer and, according to the letter that came with it, contained “a small token to remind you of your time as an intern at our company”. The “small token” was, of course, stuff advertising the company. A mug, a T-shirt, a mouse mat, a baseball cap, a cloth shopping bag, two keyrings and an umbrella. Small token?? I think they’ve sent me every single product the company has ever got its name emblazoned/embroidered/printed onto. It’s insane! I’ll probably use the mug and one of the keyrings and I might wear the T-shirt to bed, but do they honestly think I’m going to walk around the place wearing their baseball cap and holding their umbrella? Somehow I don’t think so!Ā  At least not until they start paying me lots of money to act as their official sponsor…

7 thoughts on “All change!

  1. lol, yeah. Although I’m not sure my new work would really appreciate tea towels covered with the logo of my old work… they’re the competition you know.

  2. I once worked for a scientific publishers and one of the women who worked there tried to give me a backpack emblazoned with the company logo of a firm who made incontinence aids for women. Nice one! She got it free at a conference and said she thought I might like it. I tried not to think about the fact that she might be hinting at unsavoury things and refused politely.

  3. Hahaha, pleeeaaase: Jump into the shirt, put the cap on top of your head, grab the mug and the brelly and have your picture taken, please! šŸ™‚ It is going to be worth it, I am sure. I am looking very stupid at the moment, too: I am wearing one of those masks, those facial thingies, do not know what they are called… supposedly, my skin’s gonna be fresh and clean and completely pure in about ten minutes… yeah, sure.
    Congratulations by the way- it is always nice to hear that the work you are doing is appreciated by someone, esp. when this someone’s your boss.

    Good job you were not as tired today. Maybe you had a look at Jan (who always manages to sleep while having millions of alarm clocks ringing right next to his bed) and thought: Well, in comparison with him, actually… I can’t be THAT tired. Or him cracking his teeth during the night made you want to get up? šŸ™‚
    I will go home tomorrow and I am pretty curious since there is a present waiting for me ladidada*

    Just nine days left, then I will be gone for six weeks- aaah! Nervous!

    Gonna wash this stuff off, now. Good night!

  4. Katy – haha, oh dear! that’s way worse!

    Frauke – hmm, photo. I’ll see what I can do.
    Umm, as far as I know those things are just called face masks. I love the ones that are like gel stuff then they go all hard and you have to peel them off. It’s fun. Haha.
    Actually Jan was pretty quiet that night. I didn’t have to prod him and complain about snoring/teeth grinding once šŸ˜€

  5. Heeeeyyy!!! Thanks so much for the presents! I am so curious to read those fairytales… and thanks so much for the book about Australia. And then- so much money. Wow. You two should not have spent so much money, honestly. But well, maybe I will find a nice souvenir for you šŸ™‚ Thanks to Jan, too, okay? Love,


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