Poor camera

I’m devastated. My trusty camera – the one I’ve had for fove years, the one that consistently worked while other people’s randomly died, the one that could be dropped on the floor and live to see the tale – is now broken. Somehow the screen has been cracked, so when I turn it on all I see is a black square with white lines on it, folloing the lines of the crack. It actually looks quite cool – sort of moderny arty. What it doesn’t look like is the picture I’m trying to take. Luckily the camera itself still works – being a very old style digital camera it’s quite large and actually still has – *gasp* -a viewfinder, unlike newer ones that rely on the screen for everything. But still. It is broken. Not dead perhaps, but definitely injured. And I was so proud of being the one who had the indestructible camera that just refused to break. Spoke too soon I guess…

Gotta go have breakfast now, bacon and hash browns cooked by the wonderful boyfriend. It almost makes up for the breaking of Mr. Camera. Almost, but not quite.

2 thoughts on “Poor camera

  1. Haha. I wasn’t planning on taking pictures of anything before breakfast. Actually I discovered the damage last night but since I was out I couldn’t blog about it.

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