¿Habla Español?

For those who don’t know that means “do you speak” Spanish. In my case the answer would be no, no I don’t. Or at least not more than a couple of words. I would like to b able to speak Spanish though. SO last night Jan and I signed up for a Spanish course at the local Volkshochschule (adult education centre). It starts at the end of November and it’s an intensive course, so only seven sessions but each one runs from 6pm to 9pm! We have 5 classes in November/December, then they close for Christmas and the final two lessons will be in January. I can’t wait to start!

Oh, and autumn is definitely on its way now. It’s currently 5.1°C. Brrr, cold!

2 thoughts on “¿Habla Español?

  1. Thanks 🙂 I’m thinking it will be fun too. Wish I didn’t have to wait all the way til November.

    My sister’s boyfriend speaks Afrikaan. Funnily enough, he’s from South Africa too (no! Really? *shakes head at self).

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