The arrival of autumn

So Google says today is the first day of autumn. Personally I thought autumn had arrived weeks ago. I guess this just makes it official though. Oh, and apparantly today is one of only two occasions in the year when day and night are exactly the same length. It’s called Equinox apparantly. That means as of tomorrow here in Germany there’ll be more darkness than daylight. *sigh* It’s a good job autumn means pretty colours or it would have nothing going for it.

I’m tired. Very tired in fact. Dreaming about ghosts trying to kill you will do that to a girl. So will copying and pasting. Yup, that’s what I’ve been doing again today. Thankfully not all day though – I actually got to do two translations this morning. But from 2pm onwards I was back to the old copy, paste delete routine. It’s a good job I’ve only got ten more pages left to go or I’d end up with repetetive strain injury… just in time to go to head back to the island.
Yeah, that’s right. I’m off to the UK next Wednesday. A whirlwind visit involving flying via Dublin (complete with 9 hour stay at the airport), a day trip to Edinburgh, going out for a meal with the family in Newcastle, a visit to the doctors (because contraception is not free in Germany. Oh, and they want me to have a smear test. Aarghh!), then the return flight to Germany via Heathrow, but this time without a 9 hour wait in between. Phew! I shall explain more about the reasons for the trip some other time. Oh, and I also plan to have a bit of a rant about the German health system at some point (where is my health insurance card? Bastards!) But right now I have to go and get something to eat.

Sorry about the slightly confusing blog. A disturbed night and an afternoon of copy/paste have done odd things to my brain…


2 thoughts on “The arrival of autumn

  1. Heeey!
    How are you? Did you get my postcard? I sent it to your address as it’s for Jan AND you, plus, I could not remember Jan’s new address as I still have not written it down in my address book… hope you got it!? Aaaah, cannot wait to show you all the Koala pictures… sadly, I cannot upload them here :/
    Oh! As Jan never answers my mails, I won’t bother to send him one but instead ask you to ask him: If he could sing (and record) two more songs for me as I love his guitar playing… 1) ‘First Day of my Life’ by Bright Eyes, 2) ‘Cabway Lingo’ by Songs:Ohia…? That’d be great, thanks! 🙂

    Autumn, well. Cannot imagine that, it is spring down here but it feels like a nice and hot German summer to me, so, I kind of managed to extend my summer, yay! I will be so surprised when I come back to Germany and everything’s cold, brrr…. 😦
    Hope you’re great! Bye!

  2. Frauke!! Did you just write to me allll the way from Australia? How exciting!
    Yes, we got the postcard. Ages ago actually. I meant to tell you but I forgot *ashamed*. Thank youuu.
    I will ask him about the songs 🙂

    Yes, you will get a big shock when you come home! My sister came back from South Africa in the middle of January and nearly died of cold. You’ll have to wrap up warm!

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