I rock!

So this afternoon I was making a cup of tea when the bosses wife called me into the conference room. Eeeep! I was convinced I was going to get told off. Not that I’ve done anything wrong… that I’m aware of anyway, but when superiors want to talk to me I always assume I’m going to get in trouble. It’s a natural human reaction. Or maybe just a natural me reaction. The boyfriend does tell me I’m a pessimist after all…
Anyway, in case you hadn’t already guessed from all this waffle I didn’t get told off. In fact, just the opposite happened. I was told they’re really happy with me work, sooo from next month I’ll be getting paid more. No change of contract yet – I’ll still be an intern. But more money. Wooo, I totally rock!

Now I have to go. I’ve just carried all my shopping home from Aldi and my poor little arms feel too weak to type…

8 thoughts on “I rock!

  1. Congratulations!
    I always get that little pang that I’ve done something wrong when one of the directors phone me too. Next time you go to Aldi you can now spend some of your extra money on a cab home to save your lil arms 😉

  2. congratulations!
    well, that’s the good job about being a pessimist (i am one, too). just imagine you would have been all optimistic and then they actually would have told you off! that would have been terrible. or you would have been optimistic and everything happened the way it did happen in the end- you would not have been surprised but would have thought: well, i did expect that.
    this way, you weren’t only surprised (by a great surprise even) but you will definitely appreciate it loads since you had not expected it to happen.
    to me, pessimism is always the good- as the worst thing that can happen is that you are proven right. wich isn’t too bad. plus, you are always prepared. you never suffer from bad surprises.
    as i expect my plane to crash down tonight (i always expect that, whenever i’m on a plane), i provided myself with valium. preparation is everything- yay for pessimism!

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