Reading for pain and pleasure

I’ve just been looking at UWE’s online area. The summer holidays are over now and my Masters course is starting again. Time to get back to the old grindstone… cos working full time clearly just isn’t enough for me…
So I was looking at the course material for Text Linguistics where I discovered that the nice man running the course has kindly pointed out that the books he wants us to use are available at the UWE library. Umm, has he not realised that this is an online course. The participants are scattered throughout the world… exactly how useful does he imagine a library in Bristol is going to be? So it looks like I’m going to have to buy some lovely expensive books that I have no intention of ever using again once this module is over. Oh, and he wants the first practical exercise in on 10th October. As in this Friday. Remind me why I wanted to go back to uni?

Ooh, speaking of books – I bought myself a present today. I didn’t mean to, but I spotted it while I was in Thalia having a browse at what kids books they’ve got (I need to start buying Christmas presents now if I’m going to afford them all!) And I’ve wanted it for ages as well. Are you all intrigued now? SHould I tell you what I bought?
It’s Thankyou for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern. Yes, I am aware that her books are pretty much Chick Lit, but who cares. I love them. And they’re not half as brainless as some of the stuff that’s out there. Anyway, wooo something new to read. And for only 6 euros as well – bloody cheap for an English book in Germany!

Right, I’m off to do something useful now…. errm, after I’ve caught up on everyone’s blogs that is…


4 thoughts on “Reading for pain and pleasure

  1. You can register as an Amazon seller for free and just have to pay them a percentage of the sales of the books you sell. I used to use it and it worked much better than ebay.

    The OU also have a good trading post for text books and if the books are really obscure you can try abe books online.

    Good luck and happy reading.

  2. sleepyjane – she wrote p.s. I Love You, which I believe was on at the pictures not so long ago. Maybe that’s where you’ve heard of her from?

    Welsh Girl & Katy – yep, I will be looking at all those places soon. Really I just felt like having a moan cos I didn’t actually want to do this course in the first place, and why couldn’t the guy use the same text books as every other tutor for the course? Then i’d still have them from last year…

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