It’s pork, but not as you know it…

I’ve just seen something very disturbing in the meat section of Karstadt…… Pig penises! It almost made me drop my shopping in shock.
I know they say waste not, want not but there are limits you know! And what do you even do with one of those anyway – roast it? Boil it? Chop it into pieces and make stew? All of those options sound quite disturbing to me. And honestly… could you bring yourself to actually put it in your mouth?
I’m never going to look at pork in the same way again…

(I should probably point out that the word on the packaging is only a colloquial word for penis and could also have meant tail but I know what it looked like!)


4 thoughts on “It’s pork, but not as you know it…

  1. Katy – indeed 😉 My boyfriend reckons it’s more likely to have been a tail, which is a possibility I had considered but that doesn’t make nearly as good blogging material. And they didn’t look like any tail I’ve ever seen – it was the shape that made me notice them in the first place, long before I’d seen what it actually said on the packaging.

  2. I worked in wyoming once as a cook and the cowboys would chop the testicles off the young bulls and come running into the kitchen and insist that I fry them then and there for them to gobble down. Men are weird. I expect they were penis’s and German cowboys are doing a little jig for joy at the prospect of a Willy Willy good supper……..

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