Just call me Rudolph!

I’m so sick of sneezing! I stole myself a some toilet paper from the toilet on our floor on Thursday evening because I had no tissues. A whole roll mind you, not just a bit. The roll is now empty. That’s a lot of nose blowing, especially if you consider the fact that I was at work most of Friday while the toilet roll sat far away in my room at home. My nose now looks like someone’s attacked it with a red permanent marker. Not my best look. And if you combine that with my constantly watering eyes… well, I’m just glad nobody’s going to be pointing a camera in my direction any time soon. And on top of all that my throat feels like there’s a little man down there with a cheese grater. No wonder I didn’t feel like doing any studying today. I just hope this cold doesn’t last too much longer!


2 thoughts on “Just call me Rudolph!

  1. I don’t think you can get that here. At least I’ve never seen it.
    Jan’s suggestion was to put Vaseline on my nose. It actually works too… at least until the next time I have to blow it!

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