What do you do when you get up in the morning to find the shower in your corridor is occupied?

a) Go back to your room and wait 5 minutes to see if the other person finishes
b) Go to the not as new or as good shower in the other corridor, which involves walking past the entrance to the building (all glass and transparent)
c) Forget about the shower, go back to your room and attempt to wash yourself over the sink.

This morning, after much internal debate, I chose option c. Or I suppose I chose the first and third options really as by the time I’d decided what to do 5 minutes had gone by and the shower was still occupied. By that time I’d decided there was no point in going to the other shower cos that would only add another 5 minutes to the time already spent and make me late. So I washed myself over the sink, which resulted in lots of water on the floor but at least I don’t smell any more.

And so it’s off to work I go.


3 thoughts on “Dilemmas

  1. Oh, this happened to me THIS MORNING. We have 2.5 bathrooms in my house. One for two roommates, one for me and one other, and one downstairs that just has a toilet and sink. Both upstairs bathrooms were taken for over 30 minutes. Annoying? Yes. So I grabbed my travel stuff and used the downstairs bathroom. Didn’t wash my hair, though, just threw it in a ponytail.

    I hope i don’t smell.

  2. sleepyjane – I long for my own bathroom. Only 5 months to go…

    Lauren – you sound like me! I’ve spent all day wondering if I smell. And the fact that I can’t smell anything at all just makes me more paranoid! Damn cold…

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