Sunday bloody Sunday

Isn’t it funny how Sundays are just so… Sundayish. There’s nowhere to go because – here in Germany at least – everything’s closed. Then from about twelve o’clock onwards there’s that vague feeling of dread hanging over everything you do that can only mean tomorrow is Monday and time to go back to work. Or maybe it’s just me that feels that? Anyway, the point is weekends are far too short. I love how people talk about a work-life “balance”. How can there possibly be any sort of balance when we’re expected to work for 5 days and relax for only two. Surely to achieve a balance there has to be the same amount on each side of the scale?

Anyway, enough complaining. What am I going to do with the rest of my Sunday afternoon?


2 thoughts on “Sunday bloody Sunday

  1. I know what you mean! Even the sun is different on a Sunday. (J says the sun is the same every day but I am convinced that the sun is mellower) I hate that feeling. Ugh. When you just know that tomorrow is another day at work.

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