Struck dumb

The Christmas dinner went really well. My crackers were a resounding success, the turkey was cooked exactly on time and I actually managed to get my roast potatoes to go brown! (I have bad luck with roast potatoes). It was 6am by the time I got to bed, after the last few stragglers had left and we’d managed to wash and dry our way through the huge pile of dishes. Even after we’d filled the dishwasher with the smaller stuff every kitchen surface was still covered with things to be washed. *sigh*. We got through it eventually though, and Ess was kind enough to stay and help. All in all I’d say it was a good night.

Still haven’t managed to get rid of the evil cough/sore throat thing though. In fact, today I’m coughing more than ever and my voice is almost completely gone. Most annoying! I need to get it back in time for work tomorrow.
Anyone got any ideas on how to get your voice back fast, other than sucking strepsils and drinking warm water that is…

5 thoughts on “Struck dumb

  1. If you can get Iodosan in Germany then I suggest that. It is an iodine based solution. Put 20 drops in very warm water and gargle with it. In the morning and in the evening. Your sore throat will soon be a distant memory.
    Only prob is I get Iodosan here in Italy but I don’t know if it’s available in Germany.
    Hope you feel better soon
    ps. Well done on the Christmas Dinner – sounds delicious

  2. Mia_oia – I’ve never heard of Iodosan. No idea whether it’s available here. I now have some random Bronchial drops with thyme and eucalyptus, not for gargling with but for swallowing. Same principle though – dissolve in hot water.

    sleepyjane – thank you, it was rather fab 🙂

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