Then and now

I used to blog on msn spaces. This was a few years ago, before it changed to windows live spaces, stopped working properly on this computer and generally became incredibly annoying.
A while ago the boyfriend asked me what had happened to that blog. I told him it still exists, I just don’t use it any more. So he suggested I should think about backing it up before msn decide to get rid of it. Today in a fit of nothing better to do I remembered his suggestion and went to have a look at my old blog.
My original, very first msn blog from my final year at uni was deleted when I changed email address. The one that’s still out there starts about half way through my year in Austria and finishes with two one paragraph entry in October 2007, written after a break of 2 months.

And… oh my god, it’s terrible. The first few entries are all “boo hoo, my boyfriend lives in another country and nobody ever invites me to anything and I’m so lo-ooo-nee-lyy”. OK, there’s a few positive ones in between but that’s the gist of it. Then there’s the two months that I spent in England between finishing in Austria and moving to Germany. Mostly filled with getting drunk and talk of how annoying parents are. Then we get to my first year in Germany. Jan and I are now in the same country, so no more moaning about that. Instead we have “I don’t like the school I’m working at, they’re making me go with younger kids when I prefer older ones and I’m sure my mentor teacher hates me. Oh, and the other language assistants don’t like me either. Boo hoo, I’m sooo unpopular”. Reading through them all I could think was christ woman, did you do anything but whinge? Then my thoughts turned to this blog. And what have we here…

1. Bev complains about hardly seeing her boyfriend even though we’re actually in the same country now.
2. Bev complains about having to live in a student residence full of *gasp* students when all she really wants is a place of her own with actual space of for all her stuff, and how come the boyfriend gets to live in a flat anyway?
3. Bev complains about work and how she has no social skills whatsoever and just can’t please the bosses or get her head round the project management side of things. Boo hoo.
4. Once in a while Bev stops complaining about work and switches to talking about how she reeeally doesn’t want to do any studying either. More boo hoo.

Seriously people, something’s got to change!


4 thoughts on “Then and now

  1. Hi April. Thanks for popping by.

    I totally agree – I can write what I want on my blog. The problem is more the fact that I have nothing else to write about. It’s not so much the blog that has to change but something in my life. Oh to be a character in a book – they always seem to get a happy ending! Although no women in the books I read have my problems. Why is that I wonder…?

  2. If everything was bright and rosy there would hardly be any blogs out there. Everyone likes to moan, it’s what we were made for πŸ˜‰

  3. You’re not unpopular! I just got the coolest christmas presents for you and I would not buy anything for some weirdo, would I? πŸ˜‰ By the way, I will give them to you as soon as you’re in Bartolfelde. Actually, I thought about sending them to you so that you could take them with you and have something to unwrap… but that’s ridiculous. It would just weigh too much and then you would take it with you, unwrap it, bring it back… so you will receive it later than usual. It is sooo nice, I’d love to keep it, actually… πŸ˜‰

    I am glad you will finally spend christmas with your family (don’t get me wrong, I would have loved to have you here, I just think it is nice for you to finally be home or christmas)!

    I am a loser, too… I am so afraid that I will never find a job I like etc. I feel very useless at the moment.
    Anyway- did you get my beautiful card? πŸ™‚

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