Good stuff and guilt

I kind of had to tell my boss about the job interview today. He called me into his office to ask if I’d made my decision yet and when I said no he wanted to know why.Aarggh! I had no idea what to say! So I just told the truth. Then he was asking me what was so good about the other offer, or so bad about his. Then he said if they can’t be sure I’m going to take the job he can always advertise for someone else, becuase for him it doesn’t sound good. Oh man. Now I have a date for the interview – Thursday at 3:30pm – so tomorrow I have to go into work and ask for Thursday afternoon off. And whether I say it or not he’s going to know why. Eeep! Since I was already being honest when he asked me where the company is I figured there was no point in lying about that, so I told him. Stuttgart. To which he asked me if I really want to commute to Stuttgart every day. Well, that is one of the major factors against taking that job (if I’m even offered it!) The other one being that it will most likely pay less than he’s offering me. But it’s just translation, no project management. Although I think getting more project management probably isn’t a bad thing. And I can’t exactly run away and find a new job every time my work involves something I’m not that good at.
Anyway, so now I feel… I don’t know. Slightly guilty I guess. I mean, he’s offering me this great opportunity and I’m putting off answering because I’m considering taking something not as good, which I haven’t even been offered yet and may not even be offered. It’s almost like saying his company isn’t good enough for me or something. But apart from that work was actually pretty good today. I guess now they’ve told me they want me to stay I’m less worried that I might be doing something wrong. So that would be a point in favour of staying I suppose. Ugh, I hate making decisions. Even about good stuff.

Ooh, I also have other news!
Long time readers will be aware that I live in a student residence that I would really quite like to get out of, and in fact have to get out of by the end of March having told the people in charge that I would like to move out after this semester. Well, on 31st January I’m off to look at a flat! It’s not much – just a one room thing. But it would be a place of my own. And it at least has a separate kitchen, which a lot of the one room places don’t. And the rent is pretty cheap. I’m not getting my hopes up too much yet though. After all, I haven’t even seen it yet so it could be horrible, and also I’m probably not the only person that’s enquired about it. But it’s a start, and combined with the job thing makes me think things may be looking up in my life. Now I just hope it continues…

4 thoughts on “Good stuff and guilt

  1. Advice on the apartment thing – seriously, arrange to see as many places as possible. Dozens, if you can. I realise that might be a bit tricky with work but most estate agents will be happy to arrange evening/weekend viewings for you. If you pick loads from the same place, send them an email with a list and try to see as many at the same time as possible.

    It’s just that, in my life, I’ve had soooooooo many experiences of looking for somewhere to live, on a budget. It is not easy. And if you pick one place to see you can be easily disappointed, but if you’re viewing loads there’s always a chance that somewhere nice will appear amongst them!

    Good luck and I hope you find the perfect place! 🙂

  2. I’ve actually been advised to only look at places where I can get in touch with the person renting it dorectly, so if you go through an estate agents their commission is a small fortune. Luckily I have the boyfriend helping me. He has slightly more of a clue about flat hunting in Germany than I do.

  3. Thats cool about having a place of your own, it does feel great. About the job thing. I can relate to not wanting to do a job because I think I’m not good at it, but for me, I realized that I will never grow if I don’t overcome that fear. I will stay in the same place mentally and job wise. I’m not sure if that’s your reason or not, so I guess just forget what i said if it’s not, ha. But I’m still confused on why you would take another job that pays less and is more of an inconvenience to you, unless it was something you were more passionate about. Anyways, this is your adventure, and I wish you the best on it : )

  4. First of all hanks for the comment Mike.
    My answer to you and anyone else who’s wondering the same thing: I applied for the other job before I knew I was going to be taken on at the place I am now (until end of January I’m only an intern). After having a few problems at this job (regular readers already know about them) I honestly wasn’t sure they were going to take me on, then the day they said I could stay I was asked to go for an interview for this other one. Although the pay is less and it means more traveling the major advantage of the other job is that they offer me a chance to do translations in a specific specialist area, and if I decide to go freelance at a later date the only way I’ll be able to get work is if I have a specialism.

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