Writing a blog while I wait for the boyfriend

My boyfriend should be coming over soon. At least I hope he comes over soon – I’m starving! I also wanted to try and get an early night for a change – the meeting last night went on for 3 hours and I’m now ridiculously tired – but as it’s already 10 to 8 and we still have a whole meal to cook I can’t see it happening. Actually, under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even have been home yet so I suppose it really doesn’t matter. The only reason I’m here is because Spanish is cancelled. Teacher’s ill.

So, I’ve signed the contract. My boss was working from home today though so he hasn’t countersigned it yet. He will though, at least I hope he will. Tomorrow. Then as of 1st February I will officially be employed. Oh my! I’ve never had a real job before – just summer jobs and internships. It’s all a bit surreal. Now all I have to do is find a flat, then I might – just maybe – start feeling like a proper grown up. Errm, maybe not.

OK, I’m fed up of waiting now. Time to call Jan and tell him to come home because I’m wasting away (those last three words have to be said in the acent from the Supernoodle advert of course. Come on people, you know you know what I’m talking about. Mmmm, Supernoodles! Why can’t you get those in Germany?)

(OK, there was no need to call Jan. He just arrived. There’s timing for ya! Wooo!

3 thoughts on “Writing a blog while I wait for the boyfriend

  1. i love how you always say “the boyfriend”, makes him appear oh so mysterious… hehehe. oh, I already found out, I added you and now I get the updates 🙂
    yes, i just started to learn italian as i want to study in padua for either one or two semesters. as i have to wait to take part in the next language course at uni (next semester) i am already learning it a little bit by myself, using a langenscheidt do-it-yourself-thingy. i already know the verb “to be”, look:
    io sono
    tu sei
    lui/lei è; Lei è
    noi siamo
    voi siete
    loro sono

    (yay, just made it without looking it up!)

  2. Frauke – yay! Well done! Jan and I are adoing a beginner’s Spanish course at the Volksholkschule which is lots of fun. I tried learning by myself but it was too hard. There are 2 words for ‘to be’ in Spanish. Most confusing!

    Sleepyjane – thank you very much!

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