Those of you who read  my blog from this morning will know that I had trouble a) falling asleep and b) staying asleep last night.
Not only that, but it seems that when I actually was asleep I was either lying in an extremely weird position or having incredibly active dreams. My upper arms and lower back have been aching all day. The arms thing isn’t so much of a problem really, but my back… ouch is too mild a word for it. Luckily the walk to the tram stop this morning seemed to help a bit and as long as I made sure to sit really straight in my chair it was quite bearable, but even now it hurts. Hurts much less (I even managed to meet friends for coffee this evening), but it still hurts.
So after all the lovely tips on sleeping I would now really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice on getting my back to stop hurting. Baths won’t work I’m afraid – all we’ve got here are showers. I would have begged the boyfriend for a massage tonight but he’s decided to stay at home so he can do some work *sigh*. He’ll be here tomorrow but I’m hoping the pain will be gone by then (I may just beg for a massage anyway though, pain or no pain).

So dear readers, help me out again would ya?


4 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Don’t worry hon, you just slept wrong.

    Hopefully you’ll sleep soundly tonight, and wake up feeling good as new!

    But definitely go for the massage anyway ^.~


  2. Oooh Bevchen, I’m so sorry, I would never have suggested the bath thing if I’d realised you didn’t have a bath … and the shagging thing when Jan was not available. I feel it incumbent upon myself to make up for my two faux pas.
    Essential Oils Direct proved to be a very good place to get essential oils – all ordered over the internet, although I’m not sure what their abroad postage costs might be.
    A nice hot shower and a good book with a single drop of lavender essential oil on the pillow could be a reasonable substitute for the bath and shag thing. (No offence to Jan.) Hot milky drink or good slug of your favourite tipple – your choice.
    Also, on Planet AtHome, lower back pain is an indication that a person is feeling unsupported … I’ll leave that one with you.

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