Still alive (just)

The boyfriend has very kindly let me use his internets while he’s at the bakers buying our breakfast (although he’s back now so I’d better be QUICK).
Despite the fact that it’s Thursday we’re up mega ridiculously early because he’s going away with work tomorrow and while they’re there he has to present what he plans to do for his thesis. He’s going to Spain. Spain!! My work never even lets me go into town, never mind Spain!
This is the third, or possibly fourth, time he’s been away this year. Not too sure, I’ve lost count. I’m a bit like a work widow. Except without the part where I actually have a husband. Hmm.

Anyway, the flat is what I should talk about I suppose. I’m sure you’re all dying to hear about it 😉
The living room is still a box-filled disaster zone. It’s driving me mental! Not much I can do about it yet though, unfortunately. I can’t afford furniture until I get paid and until I have furniture my things can’t come out of their boxes and be put away. One shelf of my bookcase is already doubling as a kitchen cupboard and there’s only so much you can stack on the windowsills – especially if you still want to be able to see what’s outside! But as long as I completely ignore the living room all is wonderful. My bedroom is really starting to look like mine. I stuck postcards on the back of my door the other day (sooo late teens, I know). It looks really good! Now if only I could get round to having my art framed. And actually remember to buy some nails so I can put it up once it is. Can you believe I have to go to an actual DIY store to buy nails here? Supermarkets don’t sell them! Why can’t Germany just have one place that sells everything like normal countries do? You can’t even buy paracetamol here without going to the chemist!

Ooh, and almost forgot. A billion thanks to the amazing Just Me, aka the chocolate fairlyfor my yummy scrummy chocolate eggs. From Thorntons! Do you know how long it’s been since I’ve had Thorntons chocloate? A long, long time, that’s for sure.
And also, my thanks go out to the wonderful Odette. My happiness prize arrived just the other day and I heart, heart, heart it. I’ve already sent one of the tree pictures to the boyfriend’s sister, because I just know she will love it to.

And now I must go and let the boyfriend do his work. Until next time I manage to sneak my way onto a computer that’s connected to the internets…


I have a flat… but no furniture

No, I haven’t managed to get internet at home already. That would be way too efficient for me! I’m at the French-German cultural centre in Karlsruhe. Jan works for them sometimes, sorting out their computer problems, and so he has a key.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes! I am starting to get settled in a little, but, as the title suggests, am almost entirely furnitureless. Actually, the bedroom is beginning to take shape. I have a bed, small chect of drawers, bookcase and have even hung up my dreamcatcher. I also have a fridge – not in the bedroom obviously. In the kitchen. The kitchen is far from sorted though. Most of my food is currently living on the bookcase, with the bigger stuff in a cardboard box next to the fridge. The kitchen is seriously lacking in storage space! So after next payday I shall have to do something about that.
And as for the living room… all I have in there is two beanbag style cushions to sit on. That is it. No sofa, no table, no shelves… not even a simple footstool. Instead the floor is littered with boxes and bags that are yet to be unpacked. I think I shall be ignoring that room for a while…

I got my very first item of mail at the new flat today! The lovely Katyboo, whose blog you should really read, sent me a housewarming present. A book (The Timewaster Letters) which looks excellent, a very pretty little makeup bag and the cutest little card ever. As soon as I am in a position to put photos on my blog again i shall take one and show you all. Thank you millions Katy!

Must go now – I worked til 6pm today and have to be back at work at 8am tomorrow in order to be allowed to go to my appointment at the bank on Thursday….

…And I’m off

Very quick blog post today.
Jan has gone to fetch the car and I’m supposed to be finishing the packing/cleaning. I thought I’d take a break for a few minutes though and say bye bye to my bloggy friends.
I shall miss you all! Try not to have too much fun in my absence ok, I’m going to be having withdrawel symptoms as it is 😉

It’s a little weird to be leaving the student residence. I’ve had some good times here. The first time I left (in July 2004) I actually cried. It was the end of my year abroad and I was going back to England. At the time I had no idea whether I’d ever come back here. Jan and I had agreed to try the long-distance thing, but as he was going all the way to America I wasn’t all that hopeful. We survived the year though, and the folowing year when I was in Austria and he was back in Germany. And now here I am, leaving the residence again. But this time I’m only going round the corner – to my very own. I’ve never had my very own flat before! So I’m excited and nervous and happy but also just a little sad. Talk about emotional rollercoaster!

Anyway, must go. It’s time to get back to dealing with the dust… and dragging heavy boxes outside…

As Tigger would say:


Putting things in boxes

Yes, I know this is my third post today. But you know, when a girl is going to be without intynet for an unspecified length of time there are certain things that have to be done. And anyway, I needed a break from packing.

Shall we take a look at the progress I’ve made up to now?
I think we should…

shelf Look, it’s a shelf. And it’s almost empty. Hooray!
(The random sticker behindbookcase my frog is nothing to do with me by the way – it was there when I moved in).

The shelf might be nearly empty, but I’m afraid we can’t say the same about the bookcase. It has been emptied of books at least (yes, there were some on there. On the bottom two shelves, which you can’t see in this picture).

Not sure how well you can see it, but in case you can how cute is my new tea tin? I am in actual love with it I think.

Look how shiny and clean the sink is!
It bloody better be shiny and clean anyway – I spent ages scrubbing it! sink

bed And now I’d better get back to it otherwise the boyfriend and I certainly aren’t going to be sleeping in that bed tonight!

The last night

It’s my last night in the student residence.
By this time tomorrow I’ll be moved in to my new flat. I’ll even have a little bit of furniture.
Wow. I can’t believe I’m actually moving out. 2 and a half years I’ve been here. It’s been a while since I’ve spent that long living in one place. Even at uni I lived in various different places (halls in first year, house with friends in second year, then year abroad in Germany and in final year a different house with different friends).

I still have soo much to do. I need to finish packing. I need to clean. I need to take out the rubbish, sort out which food is coming with me and what can be given away or binned. And I only have until 11:30 tomorrow to get it all done. So of course today had to be the Friday that I wasn’t able to leave work on time. Some of you may remember me mentioning that we get to leave work at 4pm on Fridays, provided we work til 5:15 every other day of the week…
Well,  today I was lucky to catch the 22 minutes past tram (I ran and reached the platform about 30 seconds before it did). Yesterday it was nearly 5:30 when I left. And on Tuesday I stayed for an extra 15 minutes so that I could leave early on Wednesday for Spanish. The one week that I would have liked to get home and get things done I’ve ended up spending more time at work than ever. The Law of Sod as my dad would say…

What’s going on, Weather Gods.

It rained all day yesterday. By the time I went to bed last night it was chucking it down.
It seems that at some point during the night the rain turned into snow. Not much as settled, mainly because the ground was one big puddle by that time, but there is a bit of white stuff on the grass. And it continues to snow.
Snow! In March! In the second warmest part of Germany!
What’s that all about?