One less thing to worry about

It seems there was a mistake in the module handbook for Translation in a Social Context.
The assessed piece is due in on 20th April, not March after all. Oh the relief! I did think it was a bit mean of them to expect us to compile an entire portfolio in 18 days!
Obviously I can’t put it out of my mind completely – I still need to find something to translate and run my chosen text by the tutor to see if it’s ok before I become internetless. But at least I no longer have to panic about it.

Must go now. Work beckons.
Have a great Wednesday everyone! (Is it really only Wednesday? Sunday already seems like weeks away…)

5 thoughts on “One less thing to worry about

  1. Well that’s a relief! Glad you got more time to do that translation stuff.

    How long will you be internet-deprived again?

    Yup, it’s only Wednesday. But you know what, this week is going by faster than last week. I can swear last week felt like an entire year was trying to pass by. The weekend was just too slow to come, it was awful!

    Tomorrow’s my Friday, though. I’m taking a Scheduled Leave (SL! LOL!). I’ve just about had it at work. Haven’t been feeling myself the past couple of weeks since coming back from the holidays.

  2. This week has definitely been longer than last week for me – mostly because I’m coming home from work in the evenings and trying to get several things done then getting up stupidly early to go and spend the day working hard despite being utterly exhausted. Aaahh.

    I’m not sure yet how long I will be internetless. Until I can sort out the net in my new flat basically, but when that will be depends on the money situation. As does so much else in my life. Sigh.

    I wish I had scheduled leave! Enjoy your time off 🙂

  3. Hi Fellow Frau
    Thanks for stop by my blog. Life in Germany is so different than America but I can’t complain Bremen is beautiful despite the weather. The language for me has been the hardest, I’m taking private lessons but I feel like an old dog that can’t learn a new trick! Have a great week!

  4. Kathy – and thank you for stopping by my blog!
    I can imagine life in Germany is different to in America – it’s certainly different to life in England and that isn’t even on another continent! (Although I’m sure a lot of Brits would like it to be…)

    justme – I always need chocolate! Especially when after a week like this one. I shall email you my address tomorrow morning. Or tomorrow evening. Whenever I find the time. Right now I really must go to bed. At this stage I’ve gone straight through exhausted and out the other side!

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