I have a flat… but no furniture

No, I haven’t managed to get internet at home already. That would be way too efficient for me! I’m at the French-German cultural centre in Karlsruhe. Jan works for them sometimes, sorting out their computer problems, and so he has a key.

Thanks to everyone for the good wishes! I am starting to get settled in a little, but, as the title suggests, am almost entirely furnitureless. Actually, the bedroom is beginning to take shape. I have a bed, small chect of drawers, bookcase and have even hung up my dreamcatcher. I also have a fridge – not in the bedroom obviously. In the kitchen. The kitchen is far from sorted though. Most of my food is currently living on the bookcase, with the bigger stuff in a cardboard box next to the fridge. The kitchen is seriously lacking in storage space! So after next payday I shall have to do something about that.
And as for the living room… all I have in there is two beanbag style cushions to sit on. That is it. No sofa, no table, no shelves… not even a simple footstool. Instead the floor is littered with boxes and bags that are yet to be unpacked. I think I shall be ignoring that room for a while…

I got my very first item of mail at the new flat today! The lovely Katyboo, whose blog you should really read, sent me a housewarming present. A book (The Timewaster Letters) which looks excellent, a very pretty little makeup bag and the cutest little card ever. As soon as I am in a position to put photos on my blog again i shall take one and show you all. Thank you millions Katy!

Must go now – I worked til 6pm today and have to be back at work at 8am tomorrow in order to be allowed to go to my appointment at the bank on Thursday….


7 thoughts on “I have a flat… but no furniture

  1. YAY for snail mails! 🙂

    And things are always a little hectic when you first move into a new place. I of course hated the mess to we stayed up until past two in the morning to arrange everything.

  2. your new address for me too, please!

    sometimes it’s good to have a look at the sperrmüll, my friend isabell got a beautiful (neat, not dirty or anything) chair there. it cost nothing but is really pretty and might even be from the 50s, 60s or 70s. actually, i know many people who got really nice stuff from the sperrmüll.
    is there maybe a store in karlsruhe like möbelino? möbelino’s in göttingen and you can get used furniture there or old stuff… the sven (jermain’s flatmate)’s brother works there and you can get really nice things there, too. without having to spend much…
    well, in the end, ikea’s not too expensive either. you’ll find some nice and not too expensive pieces of furniture, i am sure.
    did you enjoy sleeping in your new flat for the first time? you know, the first dream in a new bed/room/flat is said to become true…

  3. Yay you’ve moved! Haven’t been here in a while. Life is always.in.the.way.

    That was sweet of katyboo1 to send you a housewarming gift. Squeeee!

    I’d love to see pics of when you start buying stuff to fill up the rooms. I bet that would be nice.


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