Lather. Rinse Repeat.

I feel like I should write some generic blog post for days like these. Then in future all I’d have to do is copy and paste the basic outline then fill in the specifics. It could look something like this: Went to bed. failed to sleep. Got up. Went to work. Tired all day. Came home. Ate random crap and failed to do what I was supposed to. Went to bed. Failed to sleep. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ad infinitum.

So I almost missed my tram this morning. Ironically I was actually ready on time, but instead of putting my coat on and leaving I spent ages staring out of the windows trying to work out whether it was raining. Some days I think I should have been born blonde.

Also, when I opened my wardrobe this morning a moth flew out. Yes, I said moth. In my wardrobe. Aargh! Presumably this is my punishment for asking a while ago whether clothes moths had become extinct. The answer, it seems, is no. So after work I went and bought something that claims to protect against moths for half a year. It looks like a piece of green paper and it stinks of lavender. Not exactly my favourite scent, but if it’s that or a wardrobe full of moths I’ll take the lavender. Alternatively I could have bought some pheremone covered sticky paper which apparantly attracts the moths then traps them… then they die trying to get away. All well and good, but I don’t want a piece of paper covered in dead moths in my wardrobe any more than I want live ones flying around in there. So lavender it is. Yay. Now I’m going to have to take all the clothes out of my wardrobe and give them a shake to make sure nothing evil is hiding in there. If you never hear from me again I’ve probably been attacked by a moth-beast and died of a heart attack.

Oh yes, and I was supposed to go to the post office today to pick up a package that came on Thursday. I should have got it on Friday but I forgot to take ID to work with me. And today I completely forgot to get off my tram early, then by the time I remembered I didn’t feel like taking a tram back there. They couldn’t possibly have taken my mail to the post office that’s actually near me, could they? Yep, definitely should have been blonde today. At least then I would have an excuse…

One  more thing, then I shall leave you in peace. Chio hot cheese dip, while not particularly hot,  is totally addictive and should be kept far, far away from me. I’ve almost eaten a whole jar of it (on crisps, not with a teaspoon – although I could definitely do that) just while typing this.

Right, I shall leave you now. There’s real food to cook and evil beasts to chase away (plus an entire sink full of dishes that I failed miserably to wash at the weekend. Cos I’m good like that).

4 thoughts on “Lather. Rinse Repeat.

  1. Hello, thank you for popping into mine the other day! This post really reminded me of my own horrendous insomnia, stumble through day, insomnia cycle – really well described here.

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