The perils of living alone

The observant among you may have noticed that it’s been a whole week since I last blogged. That’s because this is the first day since then that I’ve actually felt up to posting anything. You see, last Saturday, while tidying the flat, I gave myself concussion – which just goes to show housework is dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. There I was sweeping up underneath the boiler, went to stand up and *BANG* went my head against the boiler. Which is made of metal, as boilers tend to be. It hurt… a lot. Six hours later I still had a headache. And three hours after that. In fact, I had a headache until Thursday when I finally, finally started feeling almost normal again. The NHS direct website told me if it was just a headache and no other symptoms I should be fine, but the first night I should have someone wake me up every 2 hours and ask me simple question, like my name or address. Yeah… easier said than done when you live alone and your boyfriend is in LA. So I set my phone to wake me up every two hours, just to see if I would wake up. Not sure what I would have done if I hadn’t mind, but you have to remember I wasn’t thinking straight…. Anywaaay, by Monday I still had a headache and Jan was home, so I got him to make me a doctor’s appointment for after work, which is where I was told I probably had mild concussion and prescribed some painkillers which tasted awful (apparantly they contain raspberry and cream flavouring… I will never look at a raspberry the same way again!), but they worked. For the most part anyway. Sitting in front of a computer all day trying to translate did nothing for my poor head (which is why I didn’t really feel up to blogging either) but as the boss and his wife were off last week I couldn’t really take time off as my colleague would have been alone. But never mind, I am better now and today Jan took me to a furniture shop and I finally bought lights for my ceilings. Can you believe the Germans actually take the lights away with them when they move out of a place? Up to now I’ve been surviving with lamps!

Anyway, I am off to spend some quality time with the boyfriend. I promise to come and catch up on all your blogs tomorrow though. Don’t worry, the flat is tidy at the moment so I won’t be giving myself concussion again any time soon…


10 thoughts on “The perils of living alone

  1. Gah! Poor you. That sounds crap. Why do people make flavoured meds? I’ve never understood this. They taste like cack. All of them. The faux synthetic fruit flavour just makes it worse. Still, I can top your flavour. My mum once got given some meds for the cat. Banana flavour! Yeah like that’s what cats always go for right?

    Lightfittings. I get it. Absolutely horrified when I turned up to my rented room in Bayreuth to find an air mattress someone had thoughtfully thrown in, and a bloody great hole in the ceiling with wires poking out.


    Photos of lights please. Am v. nosy

  2. Well at least it gave me something to blog about I suppose.

    Lights… I know, totally weird, right? I could understand if everyone had crazily expensive posh light fittings, but they even take perfectly normal cheap fittings that just hang there. Wtf?

    See facebook for light photos. Shall see what I can do about getting them on here as well later.

  3. oh poor you, i know the many dangers in the house too well!
    and that funny thing about the germans, is true for the dutch as well. last week while kj and i were pillowtalking about our move, he suddenly mentioned that we should not forget to take with us all the lightbulbs in this old apartment! and i asked him WHY??? he said because “they’re mine, they’re eco-something, and they’re expensive.” ^-^

  4. Ms firefly – the lightbulbs I can almost understand. ALMOST. But the Germans don’t just take the bulbs… they actually remove the entire light, leaving only a bunch of wires hanging out of the ceiling. Very, very strange!

  5. Hey bevchen

    Thought I would stop by yours seeing as though you stopped by mine.

    Concussion…Boilers.. Balderdash.. Hope you are feeling better.

    I had a funny rash on my legs once and did the NHS Direct Website thing, convinced myself I had skin cancer and ended up calling a 24 hour hotline to tell a nurse that I was in the process of dying and what should I do..
    Of course, the rash had disappeared by the next day, but my feeling like a complete twat did not.

    And the light fixtures, I’m with you.. I have recently moved to Paris from London. In Paris they take out their kitchens to move on and when my boyfriend moved into our present flat there was all but a sink in the kitchen and no light fixtures anywhere either.

  6. pplongdtocking – If I’d been in the UK I probably would have called NHS direct. As it was I just kept googling… scaring myself to death in the process.
    The Germans usually take the kitchens with them too. I had to specifically search for a flat with the kitchen left in… there are some (few and far between), mostly for students who can’t afford to buy a new kitchen when they move in. They even take the kitchen sink with them, which I will NEVER understand. The cupboards and stuff ok. But the sink?!?! Bloody weirdos! (Any Germans reading this, please don’t hate me. I like your contry really!)

    Ali – you may be on to something there!

  7. Wow. Those are weird experiences (reading through the comments, too). I’ve never encountered that kind of behavior here before. I’m glad we don’t take kitchen and lights + lighting fixtures.

    How do they take kitchens anyway? It’s removable/portable kitchens?!

    Sorry to hear about the mishap. I’m glad you’re feeling better now.

    I was thinking back to the time when I lived alone for 2.5 years and I don’t remember getting into any accident… hmm… I must have led a very boring life then. LOL.

  8. incoherent – nope, they’re just normal fitted kitchens. And after taking the time to fit them they then go through all the hassle of UNfitting them again when they leave. What I’d like to know is what they do with them if they then find out they don’t actually fit in the new kitchen…

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