Welcome to Costa del Karlsruhe

The boyfriend and I have just been out for icecream. At 9 o’clock at night. It is that insanely hot here. I’m talking 29°C at 8pm kind of hot. Sitting there outside the icecream cafe wearing only three quarter length trousers and a floaty vest top it felt almost like we were on holiday in Spain or somewhere. Even all the people speaking German around us didn’t spoil the illusion… everyone knows Mallorca might as well be another German state 😉

Unfortunately we are not on holiday. Jan has gone back to his own flat tonight because he has to wear a suit for work tomorrow (his department have just moved into a new building and they’re having an opening ceremony tomorrow) and I also have to go to work tomorrow (and the next day… and the next day…). We have had a lovely weekend though. My flat now has lights, the icecream was delicious and the boyfriend and I did not fight once. The only dark spot on the landscape is that the one and only Newcastle United lost against Aston Villa and have now been relegated… while Sunderland managed to stay up. Booo. (Not that I’m a massive football fan or anything… but you can’t come from the North-East of England and not feel some kind of passion for the good old Magpies).

And now I’m off to figure out just how a person is supposed to sleep when it’s still 24 degrees outside after 10 o’clock at night. And this is only May… the really hot months are still to come! Anyone who tries to tell me gloabal warming is a myth needs to be locked up somewhere for their own safety I think…
Good night all!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Costa del Karlsruhe

  1. I hear ya. I’ve been trying to sleep for an hour now, and it ain’t happening. The windows are open and it’s just basically saying “here, hot air! Come on in! More, please!”.

  2. Hails – yep, that describes it perfectly.

    sleepyjane – nope, definitely nothing bad about icecream 😉

    Ali – I don’t know how other northern hemisphere people manage. Personally I manage by NOT managing. I once read that my skin type’s natural defence against the sun is 3 to 5 minutes. After that I BURN… a lot. Add to that the fact I once managed to get sunstroke by going to the supermarket and you’ll see why me and anything over about 23 degrees don’t get along.

  3. Man, you should try it here. We suffer 35C temps in the day time (sometimes higher!!!), and just a couple of degrees lower than that at night. It’s waaaaaay hot! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say I was living in hell.

    Okay, so maybe you shouldn’t try it here. LOL.

    All I know is I must’ve been born in the wrong country/hemisphere. I don’t deserve living in year-long heat! Ugh! When someone says they like tropical weather, I roll my eyes and think: unless you’ve been rocking tropical weather most of your life, you better hold that thought!

    PS. Exaggerating about the year-long heat. Typhoon season is upon us, and boy have I never been glad to have torrential outpours coming! I don’t even mind the flooding, if you can believe that. 😀

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