This week I have mostly been spending

I should really be trying to save as much of my wages as possible, so that one day I can afford to buy a washing machine (the hand wshing thing is starting to get really irritating now!) but me being me this is practically an impossibility. If I actually have money I feel compelled to spend it (you can’ take it with you, right)… and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing this week
Here’s what I’ve been purchasing:

– Photos. I found out that the website that I get my digital photos printed from has a special offer on where you can get 100 photos for just €8.99. Including delivery! Clearly this had to be taken advantage of. So I sent in most of my photos from Paris, a few from our New Year’s trip to Belgium plus some other randoms. They arrived today. Most exciting! Now I just need a new photo album to put them in…

– This set of plates etc.
plates They’re just so pretty. And at only 50 cents per item (or 95 for a cup and saucer set) resistance would have been plain  silly! Unfortunately – and unsurprisingly – everyone else thought the same, so I’ve now ended up with 4 large plates, 3 small ones, 4 “bowls” (really just slightly deeper plates) and 6 cups and saucers. Apparantly nobody wanted the cups and saucers! My guess is the plates were all bought by students who only drink beer anyway so didn’t need anything to drink hot things out of.

– A piece of art. Namely a picture by Rosina Wachtmeister. It’s called Red Cheek. You can see it here. Pretty, no? Hopefully I will actually get round to getting it framed one day. That and the other 2 pictures that I still have sitting around waiting for the day they can take their places on the wall. I know exactly where they’re going to live… I just need to get some frames around them first!

– Cinderella in Spanish from Amazon. I ordered it on Monday. It is not here yet. Hurry up Amazon seller person… I want my book!

I think that is everything (apart from the boring stuff like food and a mop).
Tell me about something you’ve purchased this week. I need to know I’m not the only one defiantly spending money in the face of the financial crisis…

5 thoughts on “This week I have mostly been spending

  1. You definitely aren’t the only one! I blew away most of my money last week. Eeep! I put up a post about it. 🙂

    Those are pretty plates and cups and saucers. Where did you get them?

  2. Oh god
    I’m in so much trouble. I spent so much this half term that I have totally buggered up my overdraft and now the direct debit from nursery is going to send me spiralling into the ‘we’re going to charge you a criminally large fee’ arena. Jason is cross with me and I am mortified that I am so crap.

    Still, it was fun while it lasted.xx

  3. I love the plates! And you’re making me want to drink tea out of a cup with a saucer. I can’t remember the last time I did that. Usually it’s just a big ugly old mug.

  4. incoherent – glad I’m not the only one 😉 The plates are from a shop called Nanu Nana here in Germany.

    Katy – eeep! You so totally win! – Although my account in England has been overdrawn since I used the entire overdraft to pay the deposit on my flat…

    sleepyjane – I normally use mugs too but those cups and saucers were way to pretty to resist… and they’ll be good for guests.

  5. Love the china! I spent nearly A HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS on food and drink on Friday as I had thirty people coming over at various points over the weekend. It made me feel faintly sick and unable to eat any of the things I had bought….

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