How about some good news for a change?

The essay I did for Text Linguistics last month has been returned to me.
I got 67%… subject to the approval of the exam board. A pass at Master’s level is 50%, and I can’t see the exam board reducing it by more than 17% even if they do change it. So I never have to do Text Linguistics again. Woo hoo! I would say this calls for a celebration but as I’m trying very hard not to spend any money I don’t actually have anything to celebrate with.

My other piece of news is that I’m going to Rome. My mum is taking my brother as a treat for finishing his A-Levels and she asked us to go along so we could have one last family holiday before little bro goes off to uni (my sister and her boyfriend are going too). It was all arranged over the weekend… all that remained was for me to ask about time off then we were going to book it. Then, on the day that I was supposed to ask for time off, I lost my job instead. This left me with lots of time on my hands… but made spending money on a holiday seem a little bit wrong. So I told my mum we couldn’t go. Then the boyfriend decided that he still does want to go… and offered to pay for me as well. So we booked it… and I am now torn between feeling excited and incredibly guilty. Also, next time I’m at the employment agency (which will be whenever I get the forms back from my boss) I’ll have to inform them that I plan to leave the country and get their permission. Yes, you read that right. People who are on unemployment benefit in Germany are allowed to leave their place of residence for a certain of number of days each year but have to ask the permission of the employment agency in advance. I’m hoping they’ll let me off if I tell them it was all booked before I knew I was going to be unemployed and cancelling it would only cost more. Keep your fingers crossed for me, ok.

6 thoughts on “How about some good news for a change?

  1. Lauren – I love Rome too. Went there for my 18th and I’ve been meaning to go again ever since πŸ™‚

    Katy – and if I get caught out I’ll tell them you made me do it πŸ˜‰

  2. That is incredible… Why shoud you have to ask permission to go on holiday??
    Isn’t enough that you lost your job? You deserve a holiday lady…
    And don’t feel guilty – Enjoy!! Rome will be fab!

    Well done on the exams.

  3. PPlongstocking – becasue you have to agree to be available to go to any job interviews they send your way. If they find a job interview for me and I’m not available to go for it (and haven’t asked their permission to be away on that day) I’ve broken my contract with them and may lose my entitlement to benefits. Yay.

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