I’d like a million Euros please

I’ve just applied for a job. Nothing exciting about that, it’s the 4th job I’ve applied for in the past 8 days. But… this one asked me to provide my desired salary. How am I supoposed to know what to ask for? I mean, too little and I’ll be selling myself short. But then again, too much and my application will be binned before they even bother to open the attachments. Do you get asked this kind of question in all countries or is it just a German thing?

Never mind. It is done now, I have sent it and I can only hope what I asked for was reasonable. Oh, and that they don’t invite for me an interview between 17th-22nd June…


3 thoughts on “I’d like a million Euros please

  1. Oh good luck with the job hunting! Have just been catching up with your last few entries, and the form filling sounds horrendous. I agree with Welsh Girl that it must be an evil plot to ensure they don’t actually have to give you any money!
    Have no idea how much you should ask for in salary. Maybe look at what similar jobs being advertised pay? Think its possibly a German thing….

  2. Thanks both of you.
    JustMe – I put roughly the same as I was getting at my last job. No idea if that’s a normal number though! And as for the forms… there’s definitely some kind of conspiracy there! (Although no matter how long they take they have to pay something becasue it gets backdated).

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