Unnecessary interview nerves

I have an interview in an hour.
It’s for a job that I’m not even sure I want. In fact, I’m not even exactly sure what the job is… other than that it involves working in an office and the need to speak English.
Despite that I am nervous enough that my breakfast made me feel sick. Imagine what I’m going to be like if I ever manage to get an interview for a job I actually do want…

6 thoughts on “Unnecessary interview nerves

  1. Even if it ends up being something you don’t want, it’s good practice – getting you ready for the interview for your dream job, so that when that happens you’ll knock their socks off!

    Good luck! xx

  2. it is the anticipation that is more painful than the actual interview. whew. the last time i went for an assessment, i felt like throwing up on the taxi on the way. terrible. good luck to you!

  3. Thank you all! The interview was at a “personnel leasing company” (so that would be a temping agency then?!) and the job I was actually going for no longer exists because the company it was at is having financial difficulties. Oh how I hate this crisis! They are keeping my details on record though and have said they will contact me if other native speaker jobs come up.

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