Today it’s NOT all about me

Today is A-level results day in the UK.
My little brother, who I swear was just a baby the last time I looked, was among those trooping down to my old high school to collect his exam results. And… he passed. In fact, not only did he pass, but he got some excellent grades (much better than mine!), securing him a place at his first choice of university. (Yes, in just a few short weeks my brother will be heading off for his first year at university. How did that happen?! Someone has been fast-forwarding time, I swear). My brother will probably never read this, but I don’t care. I want the whole world to know how proud I – and the rest of the family – are of him.

Well done Jay! You better be celebrating tonight (and tomorrow, and the next night… gotta get in practice for fresher’s week y’know 😉 )

One thought on “Today it’s NOT all about me

  1. Glückwünsche to your brother!


    I’m a little bit nervous about one of my brothers because this September will be bar exam month. I hope he pulls through.

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