Waiting for… what exactly?

In the last two hours I must have refreshed my hotmail inbox at least 50 times. Strangely enough there are never any new emails. Why would there be new emails now when there weren’t any ten minutes ago? It’s better than any of the things I should be doing though, which include working on my dissertation proposal (I was almost reduced to tears by it yesterday), cleaning the kitchen… which will, of course, involve washing the dishes (ugh, ugh, ugh) or handwashing the pile of socks that’s waiting for me in the other room. It’s hardly surprising that none of those things appeal to me. So instead I keep refreshing, in between wandering listlessly around the flat (all two rooms of it). I feel like I’m waiting for something, but I have no idea what it is. I’m too restless even to read.
Roll on the night time. At least then I can go back to sleep…

5 thoughts on “Waiting for… what exactly?

  1. I do that sometimes….and every now and then when it pops up as ! NEW MESSAGE! it ends up being spam…or some stupid coupon deal thing for a store I asked NOT TO SEND ME EMAILS. Sigh.

  2. I’m guilty of doing that all the time. See also: checking phone for text messages (even though it’s sat right next to me) and Facebook (even though I never use the thing)!

  3. If you’re really restless and looking for something exciting to do, wanna hop on a plane over to Canada and help my mom move this weekend? That’s my big plans for the weekend. Somehow, I’d rather be wandering around my house checking for email every ten minutes …

  4. I like your flatwarming cake! Not being a fluffy cake is so appropos for, you know, a flat. Har! The tree and the flower are very jolly. Bevchen, I obsessively check my email even when I have something to write that I want to write and will enjoy writing and be glad I wrote. The gmail box still beckons. And, I got a “smart” phone so I can obsessively check and recheck emails and text messages when I am not on the computer. I am pathetic.

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