The first day

Yesterday afternoon and evening was spent getting ready for the new job.
I went into town and bought stuff to make sandwiches for today’s lunch. I found everything I needed to take with me to ensure I actually get paid at the end of the month. I made sure my train ticket was in my purse. I sorted out the clothes I wanted to wear. And I went to bed at a reasonable time in preparation for my early morning. It all worked out beautifully… apart from the last one.

Insomnia or login to sleep illustration
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I was in bed by 9:40 pm. I’d been tired since about 6 so I thought falling asleep should be easy. Wrong! I tossed, I turned. I was too hot, then too cold. I was thirsty. When the clock somewhere outside chimed 10 I was trying to get comfortable. At 10:15 I was wondering why I didn’t actually feel tired any more. I heard the clock strike 11 as I was on my way to the toilet – the after effect of drinking an entire bottle of water. At 11:30 I was still awake. I didn’t hear the clock strike 12 though, so I must have fallen asleep some time before 12. It’s just a shame I was awake again in time to hear it strike 1… and 2. I think I got about 4 hours sleep total. So much for being alert and refreshed for my first day! Surprisingly the tiredness is only beginning to make itself felt now. I guess a combination of first-day nerves, excitement and adrenaline have kept me awake for most of the day.

I arrived at just before 9 am and the very first thing I learned was how to use the coffee machine. Very necessary after a night of tossing and turning! Then a co-worker showed me around the office. I’d seen most if it on my trial day but this time I got a proper tour. The I went into the office I’m sharing with a second English person, H – at least for the next few weeks. A room downstairs is currently being renevated and once it’s finished everyone’s going to be moving around again. The rest of the morning was spent getting acquainted with the file system, learning where to find stuff and reading the information that employees need to know – an entire ring binder full of stuff! At 12:30 we all ate lunch together then in the afternoon I started my very first translation (for this company I mean… obviously not my very first translation ever). it was so nice to have something to translate again. And to have someone to talk to (remember, I was alone this weekend). All in all it went pretty well… although all the information was a lot to take in and my poor brain is feeling a bit fragile now. I’m sure I’ll figure everything out soon though.

And now I have to go. The boyfriend is supposed to be coming home tomorrow (whether he actually does depends on what’s happening with his family stuff) and I need to something about the state of my living room just in case he decides to come here…

7 thoughts on “The first day

  1. Congrats on your first day! It sounds like they were kind people- very nice to all go out to lunch together for your first day, more than most people I know in Paris have got! Totally feeling you on the insomnia, alhough it must be even more frustrating when you can hear a clock chiming the hour. Hope day two goes just as well and you get a better night’s sleep.

  2. So the first day is done – and it does sound like it went very well. Starting a new job does strain the brain, doesn’t it? And it’s usually not the job itself, but all the figuring out who everybody is and what they do, where everything you need is kept, what the company’s usual routines are, etc. Hope you sleep better now!

  3. Daisy – we didn’t go out to lunch together, just all ate at the same time in the room downstairs. They just asked me if I wanted to come for my lunch break when they did. I got a slightly better night’s sleep -a whole 6 hours instead of just 4. I’m exhausted now though

    pinklea – it’s probably going to take me weekes to figure out where everything is! I completed my first translation project today though. Very cool!

    Amanda – It’s not like I was sleeping well before though, but being unemployed meant it didn’t matter. If I wasn’t alone I mgiht sleep better 😦

    sleepyjane – it was good, yes. The second day too

    Ian – Thank you!

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