I guess it’s just another night alone…

The boyfriend is back. But he’s not here. When I called him from the train he told me he’d just got back, and had gone straight to his flat because he wanted to put some washing on. He wanted to come over tomorrow, after his choir practice. Except he never comes home from choir practice before 1am, and I have to be up for work at 6am. So I would (hopefully) be asleep by the time he came over, and he would (definitely) still be asleep when I left for work the next morning. Please explain to me exactly what the point would be, because somehow I am failing to understand it.

So we’ve agreed for him to come over on Friday evening.  I know it’s for the best (saves me being woken up from whatever little sleep I manage to get), but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it, does it?

6 thoughts on “I guess it’s just another night alone…

  1. Well, you might have more to talk about if you don’t see each other until Friday … that doesn’t help, does it? Okay, how about this: you both might be REALLY REALLY happy to see each other by then! No? I’ve got nothing else – sorry, you’ll just have to be unhappy then. 😦 Till Friday.

  2. Its horrible when you are waiting for someone to come back and then suddenly they are not there when you expected and its two more days……not long now though, and the new job sounds great. Hopefully you will have a lovely weekend together.

  3. No you don’t have to be happy about it! 🙂 I missed out on seeing my boyfriend this week (his fault, not mine; I got all my work caught up but he wasn’t feeling well) even though we had our 3 year anniversary this week. I understand, but I don’t [have to] like it.

  4. That is annoying! I have the same problem sometimes-I leave for work before he gets up and he sometimes stays out with his friends until like 11 or 12 at night! How he can stay out that late on a weeknight is beyond me!

  5. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments. I think tiredness made me even more upset about it than I would have been anyway, but he came over last night so all is forgive now.

    Hannah – well, he doesn’t have as far to go for work as I do and he can basically go in when he wants, so if he’s out late he’ll just stay in bed til around 9.

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