The changing of the seasons

I actually feel kind of bad that I didn’t have time to post yesterday. It meant the whingey post about my boyfriend not coming over ended up still being there even after it wasn’t true any more. Choir practice was cancelled this week so he did end up coming round last night after all. And, miracle of all miracles, I actually managed to sleep. There’s no way this can be coincidence!

So, up until this week I had managed to successfully ignore the signs that autumn is almost upon us. Partly because it was still August, and I refuse to let my birthday month be in any season other than summer, but also because I wasn’t having to get up so early (I guess there are advantages to unemployment after all) so by the time I was awake the sun was as well. I can’t avoid it any longer though. So far I haven’t had to leave the house in the dark yet but it is necessary to turn on the light when I get up for work.
How can it be this close to the end of the year already? I’m not ready to dig out my winter clothes yet!


5 thoughts on “The changing of the seasons

  1. Autumn is so NOT my favourite season. I don’t like how it’s all chilly in the mornings but so very warm in the afternoons. I never know what to wear and end up in layers of camisoles and t-shirts and sweaters, and am either too warm or too cold because I never remember that a layer can always be added or removed. I also don’t much like knowing that the days are getting shorter and shorter and it’s approaching winter. (Talk about being a whiny baby, eh?!)

  2. There’s nothing wrong with winter clothes. I like a good coat (as my ‘Blogger name may imply). Scarves are good, too. And gloves. But best of all are hats. One can’t go wrong with a good hat.

  3. I am having the opposite in my world at the moment. Reveling in the longer days and increase in sunshine. I am sure I will be over it if we have a huge 40 degree plus heatwave but at the moment I am beside myself with joy that gloomy old winter is over. Sorry, not trying to say “hahah” but it kind of sounds like it doesn’t it??

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