What do you mean it’s Wednesday tomorrow?

Time is just flying by at the moment. I can’t believe I’m into my third week at work already! It’s probably a good thing though – if it’s going fast I must be enjoying it, right? I mean, we all know what they say about time flying…

So last week was the 5 year reunion of the very first year I spent in Karlsruhe. I was one of the group of internationals who did their year abroad in 2003/04 (yes, I do realise 2003 was 6 years ago. Obviously it was the 5 year reunion of when we left). The first of the group, and probably the person I most wanted to see, arrived on Sunday 6th September, which is why I cooked dinner that day. There were 6 of us and I made pumpkin lasagne. It was a total experiment… I had never made anything with pumpkin before, never mind lasagne, but it turned out great.
Monday was my day of rest, then on Tuesday the next group arrived, and from that night on things were just crazy. Most nights I went to meet the others straight from work, coming home just in time to fall into bed before starting all over again the next day. I’m in desperate need of sleep now, but it was all good fun and really great to see the others again. None of us seem to have changed much… the only difference is now we have grown up jobs. And 2 sets of couples who met back then are married now. The last of the group departed yesterday but we’ve already decided when the next reunion will be… in 5 years time, 2014. But this time we’re doing it in August so that the teachers can make it as well.

7 thoughts on “What do you mean it’s Wednesday tomorrow?

  1. Anna – I actually got the recipe from BBC food and just adapted it for 6 people. I will indeed be there for the wedding do thingy – time off is approved, we just need to book a flight.

    pinklea – it was indeed a blast 🙂

    sleepyjane – ugh, I hate that. Although now I kind of wish tomorrow was Friday. I want the weekend to come so I can sleep!

  2. Isn’t it great when reunions work and you remember how well you all get on (rather than the ones where you realise you have nothing in common anymore and should have left the past well and truly buried!) Glad yours was a good one.

  3. Yes Anna, that means you get to meet Jan. The poor lad has to be introduced to the whooole family. His head will be exploding by the end of the night!

    Welsh Girl – the ones that weren’t part of the group back then weren’t interested in coming back either so we were spared the effort of trying to find something to talk to them about 😉

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